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Buy Structural Steel [UAE]

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Company Profile:

We are Extraco Company , located in Dubai , UAE
specialized among other things in Prefab houses.

We have a big requirement of structural steel :
Ms I-Beam 100x55x12mtr 150 Nos
Ms I-Beam 120x64x12mtr 200 Nos
Ms I-Beam 140x73x12mtr 200 Nos
Ms Angle 30x30x2.5mmx6mtr 800 Nos
Ms Angle 38x38x2.5mmx6mtr 2500 Nos
Ms Angle 40x40x4mmx6mtr 1000 Nos
Ms Angle 40x40x5mmx6mt 2500 nos
Ms Angle 50x50x3mmx6mtr 500 Nos
Ms Angle 50x50x4mmx6mtr 1000 Nos
Ms Angle 50x50x5mmx6mtr 2000 Nos
Ms Angle 60x60x6mmx6mtr 7500 Nos
Ms Angle 65x65x6mmx6mtr 300 NOS
Ms Angle 75x75x6mmx6mtr 300 Nos
Ms Angle 75x75x8mmx6mtr 250 Nos
Please reply as soon as you can